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Migrating Single-Tenant Software to the Cloud: A Lift-and-Shift Approach

As SaaS adoption rises, traditional ISVs with on-premises solutions face enormous pressures to develop cloud-based SaaS offerings. This pressure comes not just from competitors and other market forces, but from the ISV’s existing customers. For traditional ISVs with single-tenant offerings, the prospect of rearchitecting their entire application to adopt a multi-tenant, cloud-native approach is unrealistic. […]

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How to Create a Resilient Architecture on the Cloud

Introduction In today’s digital landscape, businesses heavily rely on cloud infrastructure to power their applications and services. However, ensuring high availability and reliability in the face of potential failures or disruptions is crucial. This article explores key strategies and best practices for creating a resilient architecture on the cloud, enabling businesses to deliver uninterrupted and […]

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Why SaaS on AWS/Azure?

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have become a popular choice for delivering software to customers, and cloud platforms like AWS and Azure are popular choices for hosting SaaS applications. At TechCelerated, we specialize in helping businesses build and deploy their SaaS applications on AWS or Azure, providing a range of benefits for our customers. […]