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// Cloud Expertise
Your cloud should be architected to meet your unique business requirements. And your team should have the confidence that your cloud is maintained 24×7 with security, automation, and flexibility you need baked-in. TechCelerated’s AWS and Azure experts design and configure your environment to be resilient and reliable – not just for today, but to meet your needs in the future as well. By combining our deep cloud expertise with platform automation, operations, and DevSecOps-driven compliance, we deliver a modern foundation on which to scale your business. We’ve been at this for long enough to see around corners, build on proven success, and become a true extension of your team.
Focus on Core Business, Not IT Maintenance
Maintain High Availability with 100% Uptime SLAs

Improve Cloud Security & Compliance Governance

Identify & Respond to Cloud Issues, 24×7

// Cloud Management Solutions

Our team of certified AWS & Azure experts coupled with our Cloud Reliability Platform provide you with the agility, continuity of care, support you need to ensure your team can focus on meeting your core business objectives.

// Cloud Operations Management

TechCelerated becomes an extension of your team, providing AWS & Azure expertise, around-the-clock coverage, and proactive services to ensure performance and uptime.

  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • Incident Management & Remediation
  • Backups & Patching
  • Custom Run Books & Alerts


// Cloud Reliability Platform

TechCelerated Cloud Reliability Platform incorporates automation tooling, and telemetry to accelerate time to issue identification and resolution, enable security automation, and provide the transparency you need to continuously improve your cloud operations and cost controls.

  • Easily configure complex configuration management tools and alerts
  • Customizable monitoring utilizing AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, Datadog, Trend Micro, and New Relic
  • Proactively scan for best practices, security threats, and anomalies
  • Policy-as-Code approach to enable compliance and governance
  • Manage service tickets
  • Monitor cloud costs in real-time


// Cloud Refresh or Cloud Management Transition

TechCelerated has helped customers already working with an AWS partner or Azure CSP elevate their cloud operations support by performing a cloud refresh or assuming 24x7x365 management responsibilities.

  • Establish visibility and control of cloud operations, resilience, and costs
  • Elevate standardization and enable greater security and governance
  • Leverage Cloud Reliability Platform features 
  • Seamlessly transition CSP to CSP 


// Cloud Assessment & Optimization

TechCelerated can help you evaluate your cloud environment, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect for maximum efficiency.

  • Well Architected Reviews
  • Security & Compliance Assessments
  • Evaluate Cloud ROI & Cost Control Measures
  • Application Modernization, SaaS Enablement, & DevOps Integration


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TechCelerated is a leading provider of platform driven cloud operations for AWS and Azure. Contact us today to learn how we can help you onboard to the cloud more efficiently, operate reliably with elevated security, and optimize as you scale.

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