Ensure the most reliable, scalable, and efficient SQL environment with TechCelerated’s comprehensive SQL Server Health Check.

Get a custom report with recommendations from Microsoft Certified MVPs on the health of your entire SQL estate for the utmost efficiency, security, and reliability – and make sure your system is there for you when it counts.
Our Microsoft MVPs have the right skills and expertise to optimize your servers, ensure your SQL and security configurations are aligned with industry best practices, and verify the effectiveness of your backup and disaster recovery configuration.

Why do a SQL Server Health Check?

Your TechCelerated® SQL Server Health Check includes:

Each health check is conducted by a Microsoft MVP using sophisticated tools developed in-house. They will perform a comprehensive examination of your entire SQL Server estate, highlighting performance and availability recommendations while pointing out areas of concern, to improve the performance, security and availability of your SQL Server environment.
You’ll receive an extensive written report analyzing 88 different performance, security, backup and configuration parameters, including:

  • Complete best practices assessment of values and properties for instances and database configurations on your SQL Server instances and hosting OS.
  • Performance assessment of CPU, memory, I/O, disk space and SQL Server metrics.
  • Security review and assessment of SQL Server instances and databases.
  • Detailed review of backup schedules, frequency, location and failures to ensure the soundness of your backup and disaster recovery strategy.

    You’ll also get a 60-minute knowledge transfer session with a Microsoft MVP to review our analysis and recommendations.
    For a limited time, receive up to 60 percent off the regular price of a SQL Server Health Check, for up to 30 instances, with a report delivered within 10 business days.
    *additional instances can be added at an extra cost