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Build & operate single and multi-tenant SaaS on AWS & Azure

// Platform Enabled Secure Software Delivery

From multi-regulatory compliance to multi-account architectures, SaaS applications require a unique set of cloud architectural best practices. TechCelerated architects, builds, and manages infrastructure for single and multi-tenant SaaS applications that power today’s most important business functions on AWS & Azure. We leverage our Cloud Reliability Platform to automate security, scalability, and standardization to add guardrails and improve velocity. We combine our platform driven approach with the knowledge we have built being in the trenches with our FinTech, HealthTech and SaaS providers to avoid common pitfalls and operate at scale.

Build IaaS resources to run your software
Reduce cloud security & compliance burden
Leverage machine learning, analytics
Enable Scalability to Meet Demand
// Our SaaS Solutions
// Single-Tenant SaaS

Your end customers want to focus on their business, not maintaining infrastructure or software. By delivering your product as SaaS, you can offer faster onboarding and greater scalability. TechCelerated works with healthcare, finance, retail, and analytics software companies to achieve more efficient operations on the cloud.

  • Transform delivery models traditional on-prem or cloud-based software companies into SaaS delivery models
  • TechCelerated builds repeatable delivery models that drastically improve time to revenue while maintaining governance & compliance
  • TechCelerated’s platform-driven approach supports a “shared-mission” with our customers to scale their business, help with audit questionnaires, & enable end-customer sales and confidence. 
// Multi-Tenant SaaS

For subscription and pay-as-you go SaaS businesses, infrastructure must be designed with automation and scalability built-in. SaaS businesses require a foundation that they can rely on as they create value via software innovation. TechCelerated’s Cloud Reliability is the perfect complement for development teams competing to win in their product segments.

  • Integrated CI/CD design and management for agility and velocity
  • Architecture for freemium-to-premium upgrades and payments, elastic demand, upsells, SLA adherence, maintenance windows, and governance
  •  Automation to enforce desired state & proactively detect and prevent issues
  • Standardize configuration to accelerate time to market as you scale
  • SRE enabled to drive resiliency and fuel innovation


// Key Features
Access to SaaS Cloud Experts

Highest concentration of professionally certified experts in the industry

Cloud Automation

Leverage automation to proactively detect, protect, & prevent issues

Continuous, PCI, SOC, HIPAA Compliance

Maintain audit ready infrastructure and ongoing protection

SRE & DevOps Enabled

Transform your IT organization to deploy advanced SRE & DevOps best practices

Standardize Scale

Platform driven standardize configurations & respond to changes

Ready for Big Data, Machine Learning

Gain actionable insights and respond to customer needs quickly

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