Move your house to value

Go fast, go deep 

Get better cloud solutions, faster
Our proven blueprints, automations, and experience get you faster to value
Leverage our in-depth data expertise   
Our infrastructure and data experts have seen it all 

Reduce your risk 

Get there without disruption
Our DevSecOps approach gets you to the cloud seamlessly
Get there fully compliant 
Our security posture ensures complete compliance and governance 

Leverage new technologies 

Take advantage of cloud-native capabilities 
You’ll maximize your ROI and agility with seamless integration of new technologies and automations  

With you every step of the way

Whether moving your entire data workload to the cloud, or considering a hybrid, we can help you plan, implement, manage, and grow your end-to-end migration project.  
It all starts with Planning

We’ll work together to create a plan that gets you to your cloud-native warehouse fast, with room to grow.  

Get to value faster with smooth Deployment    

You’ll quickly see the benefits when we migrate your data warehouse to the cloud, or from one provider to another.

Focus on business while we Manage & Grow your data warehouse  

We’re with you for your entire data journey, managing your data warehouse and growing it to a true cloud-native data platform.  

Transform your data with our Enterprise Data Platform Services

Leverage our combination of best practices, documentation, procedures, tools, automation, and skilled resources for assessment and migration planning.

Our methodology makes it efficient 

Trust our proven data warehouse migration methodology and expertise to get you there faster.  

Move your house to value with TechCelerated Data Warehouse Migration Services